Design of SWT columns

Here you will find capacity curves for our circular and square composite columns.

These curves consider the columns as loaded with a vertical normal force. Additional moments coming from eccentric loads or impact loads from vehicles are normallt not an issue, but please contact us for a consultancy in case the load is larger than a normal parking garage. You are of course always welcome to contact us for any further help in case of complex cases or if you just want to discuss an idea.

Notes about the graphs

1. The height of the column is measures as the free height, from floor to underside of beam/slab.

2. The smaller dimensions are not available up to R120, see the notes in the curves.

3. Columns are generally made as floor-high, although 2-floor columns are possible for special cases. Please contact us for more info if this is needed.





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CAD-format och ritningar, granskningsprocedurer, med mera. Här beskrivs hur vi når en effektiv projektering tillsammans.


SWT är certifierade enligt ISO 9001, EN 3834-2, EN 1090-1 samt ISO 14001. Här finner du våra certifikat.


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Ritningar och detaljer

Här finner du våra standard-detaljer för montagelösningar. Saknar du någon lösning? Vi anpassar oss också, ta kontakt så tittar vi gärna på ert specifika fall.

Scandinavian WeldTech is certified against ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, ISO 14001 and EN 1090-1.

All construction elements are delivered CE marked in full compliance with CPR.