About us

SWT has delivered leading construction components to the construction sector since the mid of the 20th century, and we are still in the forefront of technical expertise and quality. We were, for instance, the first company in the Nordic countries to be certified against the European construction standard EN 1090-1, which means that we are allowed to CE-label our products.

We are currently active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, with one production facility in Borlänge in Sweden and another just outside of Rostock in Germany.

To work at SWT

Personal involment, responsibility and creative thinking are highly valued. Inventiveness among the employees is the driving force behind the company, and everyone partakes in the internal quality work.

Our international team comprises all ages and the work transcends the company borders, meaning that there’s daily contact with our colleagues in other countries. Working abroad is therefore a possibility.

When it comes to technology, we’re in the forefront. We use the latest commercial software for calculation, 3D-CAD and administration, and we also have several advanced, in-house developed systems that are continually improved and optimized. Here, there’s always an opportunity to step up and contribute to the development in several areas.


We are always looking for new talent regardless of if we currently have available spots open or not. You are welcome to send  a message to us with a CV and introduce yourself.