Scandinavian WeldTech is an international concern within the construction sector, with main production focused on structural frames for multi-storey buildings and large halls. We have delivered quality steel components to the construction industry since around the 1950’s.

SWT was born in “Bergslagen” – the heart of Swedish steel industry – and has since the start expanded to cover both Scandinavia and Germany. Currently there are close to 100 people working within the SWT group.


Today, Scandiavian WeldTech is a privately owned business group, with roots in the old ironworks in mid Sweden. In the early 1950’s, construction of building elements began in the small town of Smedjebacken, and from there the SWT group has evolved.

In 1990, the construction element section of Fundia AB in Smedjebacken was formed into a separate company, which subsequently was bought by the current owner, Mikael Widmark, in 1993. The company also changed name to Scandinavian WeldTech AB as a preparation for an expanded market.

In 1999 we moved to our current, larger facilities in Borlänge. This enabled further expansion, and an important deal with Nordland Betingelement A/S in Norway was struck. They have since then represented Scandinavian WeldTech in northern Norway.

The success continued and Scandinavian WeldTech A/S in Denmark was formed in 2005, as a first step in building the business group. SWT A/S serves Denmark with sales and construction work, while the components are delivered from the production units.

The expansion of the market paid off, so to ensure our delivery capacity Scandinavian WeldTech GmbH, Germany, was formed in 2006. The office and production unit in Rostock serves the local market with sales and construction work. The production unit delivers to both Germany and Scandinavia.


Scandinavian WeldTech offers solutions in the following business areas: 


To meet the demands from the market, Scandinavian WeldTech offers assembled structural frames. The frames can be made for everything from simple halls to large, multi-storey buildings.

The work is done in collaboration with our long-time parters with extensive knowledge and experience from similar projects.


Through our background, the SWT group has extensive experience as distributor of welded steel products to the building industry.

To enhance our services, we can now deliver complete kits to our customers for self-directed assembly. Components not produced by us are bought from qualified specialists.  


During 2010 we opened a new business area for welded steel products, called Steel Service Center. 

Over the years we have acquired great knowledge about welded steel products. With this knowledge, we can contribute in many ways, even if your project is outside the construction sector. You can therefore turn to us in confidence with questions and/or projects regarding everything from standard to special solutions.

Management SYSTEM


The Scandinavian WeldTech-group use several different business terms. Use the table below to find out what term applies in a certain case.

Company Business area Term
SWT AB (Sweden) Contract work ABT-U 07 / AB-U 07
  Deliveries ABM 07
  Steel Service Center NL 01

SWT A/S (Denmark) Deliveries AB 92

SWT GmbH (Germany) Contract work VOB Teil B
  Deliveries VOB Teil B


Scandinavian WeldTech has a management system based on ISO9001, ISO3834-2 and ISO14001. We are also certified against EN1090-1 and CE mark our products. 

For full documentation, please visit our download section here. 


Scandinavian WeldTech considers the safety and reliability of our products to be of outmost importance. All our deliveries shall naturally comply with the requirements from both customers and authorities.


The management wholly supports the intentions of the quality system and demands commitment in all levels of the organization, so that Scandinavian WeldTech may keep and expand its position in the market.

Scandinavian WeldTech holds the certificates ISO9001 and ISO3834-2, issued by AAA Certifiering AB. 


Our activities affects the environment, both today and for future generations. We consider it a responsibility to minimize negative effects as far as possible.


Scandinavian WeldTech’s environmental work should always be characterized by:

The work is always followed-up through the management system to assure that improvements may continually be made.

Scandinavian WeldTech is certified for ISO14001 by AAA Certifiering AB.


Scandinavian WeldTech strives to hold a high standard on the work climate, so that all employees may enjoy their work. Openness and good administration of the work climate insures a good relation between employer and employee. 

Every employee must show personal responsibility for both health and environment in their daily work. Everyone must naturally follow safety instructions and guidelines, but we also strongly encourage everyone to report any eventual risks against work climate and external environment. If there are any doubts about a risk, the care for health is always prioritized.

Before any decision regarding new investments, repairs or expansions is made, the impacts on both work climate and the environment should be discussed with the employees. Appropriate measures should then be taken to minimize any negative effects as far as possible.